The history of tarts can be traced all the way back to 500BC and the Greek Physician Aegimus. Over time tarts have been the subject of many books, plays and displays of confectionery genius. Traditionally tarts were prepared with superior ingredients and were considered a delicacy meant exclusively for the aristocratic class. They also became a means of artistic expression; the more intricate the design of the tart, the more its value and prestige associated with it.

Post the French Revolution, the art of Tart making became more accessible. Newer generations began crafting tarts to commemorate special occasions or mark important festivals. Thus, with this rich historical legacy we bring you T‘art’ Tart Bakery is a new patisserie entering the food market. The brand aims to perfect the art of tart and allow people to experience and appreciate it. A café focused on tarts supplemented by other dishes and beverages, not the other way round. The bakery primarily focuses on providing a wide, and unique range of tarts that are currently not available to the dessert lovers of Dubai. Tart Bakery specializes in a delectable assortment of pastries.